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GuFeng UI Android 12 MIUI Theme with Huge Customization

Third Party MIUI Themes


Today I am sharing brand new MIUI Themes for all MIUI devices. This MIUI Themes can change the look of your XIAOMI MI, Redmi and POCO device to make it very attractive and delightful.

GuFeng UI MIUI Theme is very clean and has decent layout. The look of icons, setting panels, notification, status bar, lock screen, all are awesome with completely Dark Mod support. This MIUI Theme is completely free to use and you can download it from official Theme store link. This MIUI Themes works perfectly on any XIAOMI MI, Redmi or POCO device running on MIUI 11 or MIUI 12. If you are looking for best MIUI 11 Themes or MIUI 12 Themes, then you are in right place.

MIUI is known for its huge customization and modifications ability. MIUI Themes which you can use in any Xiaomi Devices for customization and modifications which are available in MIUI Theme Store. MIUI official Theme or any Third party MIUI Theme can change the look of your Xiaomi Device. So feel free to use and share a very beautiful and latest MIUI 12 or MIUI 11 Theme for your Xiaomi MI, Redmi or POCO devices.

Thanks to the MIUI Themes Developer.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

MIUI Themes Details:
Name: GuFeng UI
Size: 9.20
Designer: Captain Cook
Description: [Android 12] , [Google style color matching icon] , [Theme 1:1 restore native lock screen settings] , [Lock screen height customization ] , [Lock screen dark and light color switching] , [Lock screen negative one screen] , [ APP Resource Library] , [Four clock styles for lock screen] , [Four clock styles for desktop] , Theme introduction: 1. Swipe up on the lock screen to unlock 2. Double-click the horizontal line at the bottom of the lock screen to enter [Lock screen real-time preview customization ] to set the lock screen style on the left and the desktop style on the right, everything! !! 3. Swipe to the right of the lock screen to bring up the [negative screen] on the left(open by default-close in more customization)★Customize your avatar★The duration of the theme★Segment display★Weather module★ Calendar module★Running count★Counting / counting down module★Remaining phone battery 4. Swipe left on the lock screen to call up the [APP Resource Library] on the right (open by default-close in more customization)★System★Social★Common★Shopping★Games★Entertainment(6 modules, all software supports customization , Including the text at the bottom and the buttons at the bottom) 5. Globally adapt MIUI 12.5 + dark mode 6. Newly designed and color-matched Google style icons 7. More fun features are waiting for you to discover! Activities and tips: 0. Insist on using this theme to reach: Gold / Platinum / Diamond / King rank, you can find the group leader to receive the red envelope~The quota is limited, first come first served~1. After the lock screen is deleted and reapplied, the rank will be counted again, as we all know. 2. After setting a custom lock screen, all prompt boxes will reappear again, please be aware. 3. After changing the desktop wallpaper, the lock screen setting desktop wallpaper function will not work, please be aware. [Please update the theme for the users who participate in the event and click Update directly, do not delete and download again, otherwise the rank will be cleared].

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MIUI Themes Download Link:


How to apply MIUI Global Themes
  1. Change your region to India
  2. Click on official theme store link
  3. Open with theme store download and apply
  4. Restart your phone after apply MIUI themes.
How to apply MIUI China or MIUI Third party Themes
Method 1:- MIUI Themes with Designer Account:
  1. Download MIUI Theme from above link with .mtz extension on your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Open Themes application.
  3. Browse downloaded MIUI themes from your storage .
  4. Import MIUI Themes and apply.
Method 2:- Install Third Party MIUI Themes with MIUI Theme Editor:
  1. Download Theme Editor app for MIUI from Play Store.
  2. Browse downloaded MIUI Themes and select it and then click on the Start.
  3. Click on Next and Edit file name or path.
  4. Click on Install MIUI Themes and apply.
Method 3:- Install Third Party MIUI Themes with MIUI Theme Editor Software:
  1. Download Theme Editor Software in your computer.
  2. Extract Downloaded package using WinRar or 7zip.
  3. Run “MIUINewThemeEditor.exe” on windows or “” on Linux.
  4. Connect your phone in adb mod
    “for adb mod”
    i. Goto setting then About phone
    ii. Tap 7 times on MIUI version
    iii. Now goto Additional settings then Developer options
    iv. enable USB debugging mod
  5. Open downloaded MIUI Fonts.
  6. Click on Menu and then apply to phone.
Install Global or Third Party MIUI Themes on Custom MIUI Roms like, MIRoom, MIUIPro etc.
  1. Open the Theme Store app.
  2. In themes option Import downloaded MIUI Theme with extension .mtz
  3. apply MIUI Theme and enjoy.