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Best Global MIUI Xiaomi Fonts For MIUI 11 And MIUI 12 – #1

Global MIUI Xiaomi Fonts


Today I am sharing few best new miui Xiaomi fonts for all MIUI Xiaomi devices. These miui Xiaomi fonts can change the look of your XIAOMI MI, Redmi and POCO devices.

These MIUI Xiaomi fonts are completely free to use and you can download it from official theme store link. These MIUI Xiaomi fonts works perfectly on any XIAOMI MI, Redmi or POCO devices running on MIUI 11, MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5 . If you are looking for best MIUI 11 Xiaomi fonts, MIUI 12 Xiaomi fonts for or MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi fonts, then you are in right place.

I have listed the Top MIUI Xiaomi Fonts available on the MIUI 11, MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5 Theme Store, You can either download them from the given link or you can directly Search the Name on the MIUI Theme Store to Download and Apply the MIUI Xiaomi Fonts.  

Thanks to the MIUI Themes Developer.

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1. Starting up Love

2. KHS Shilpi

3. Imam Poushali

4. Shohid Borkot

5. Spring Fariy

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MIUI Xiaomi Font Download Link

1. Starting up Love
2. KHS Shilpi
3. Imam Poushali
4. Shohid Borkot
5. Spring Fariy


How to apply MIUI Global Xiaomi Fonts
  1. Change your region to India
  2. Click on official theme store link
  3. Open with theme store download and apply
  4. Restart your phone after apply MIUI Xiaomi fonts.
How to apply MIUI China or MIUI Third party Xiaomi Fonts
Method 1:- MIUI Xiaomi Fonts with Designer Account:
  1. Download MIUI Xiaomi Font from above link with .mtz extension on your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Open Themes application.
  3. Browse downloaded MIUI Xiaomi fonts from your storage.
  4. Import MIUI Xiaomi Font and apply.
Method 2:- Install Third Party MIUI Xiaomi Fonts with MIUI Theme Editor:
  1. Download Theme Editor app for MIUI from Play Store.
  2. Browse downloaded MIUI Xiaomi Fonts and select it and then click on the Start.
  3. Click on Next and Edit file name or path.
  4. Click on Install MIUI Xiaomi Fonts and apply.
Method 3:- Install Third Party MIUI Xiaomi Fonts with MIUI Theme Editor Software:
  1. Download Theme Editor Software in your computer.
  2. Extract Downloaded package using WinRar or 7zip.
  3. Run “MIUINewThemeEditor.exe” on windows or “” on Linux.
  4. Connect your phone in adb mod
    “for adb mod”
    i. Goto setting then About phone
    ii. Tap 7 times on MIUI version
    iii. Now goto Additional settings then Developer options
    iv. enable USB debugging mod
  5. Open downloaded MIUI Xiaomi Fonts.
  6. Click on Menu and then apply to phone.
Install Global or Third Party MIUI Xiaomi Fonts on Custom MIUI Roms like, MIRoom, MIUIPro etc.
  1. Open the Theme Store app.
  2. In themes option Import downloaded MIUI Xiaomi Fonts with extension .mtz
  3. apply MIUI Xiaomi Font and enjoy.