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MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI | MIUI Theme Editor 21.01.27 Stable

Download latest version of MIUI Theme Editor 21.01.27 for Windows and Linux.

Today’s i am sharing the latest version of MIUI Theme Editor Software for pc. Theme Designing is not an easy task for all. However, with this tool anyone can now design their own Miui theme

Xiaomi developers team has managed to release the English version of MIUI Theme Editor tool. This software allows you to design and to create your own Miui theme. It runs on Windows and Linux machines.

The Miui Theme Editor software comes with all necessary controls which help you to create or modify any official or third party theme. You can create themes for Miui 12Miui 11 and Miui 10.

The software allows you to customize almost any aspects of MIUI user interface. You can configure the general apps icons, system apps icons, widget, notification, status bar, lockscreen, wallpaper and many other things.

You can also apply any theme directly to your phone from your pc and check how it’s look like.

MIUI Theme Editor 21.01.27 Changelog

Adapt to MIUI 12.5, fix some bugs, the details are as follows

  1. Added settings-three visual icon materials for the notification and control center interface (editor path-settings-notification and control center-lock screen notification background, notification and control center-floating notification background, notification and control center- -Desktop corner label background)
  2. The new system adds the highlight color of the letters of the contact ZA (please revise the highlight color when updating the theme)
  3. Added fix for password input box–text not centered problem (editor path—settings–bottom popup/other–page input box, please delete the resource and add it again when updating the theme)
  4. New settings-more settings-accessibility-body page “voice control” list background, icon, text color (editor path-text mapping settings-primary & secondary font color; icon resource path (4) Picture 2 states)—Settings–Settings–password and security, others)
  5. Add contact color value (editor path—dial and contact–color value–background color of business hall search box)
  6. Add setting module resource’wallet and payment icon (editor path—settings–home page list icon)
  7. miuix_preference_right_text_color_light new page completes the minor font mapping (please change the font color next time when updating the theme) The following is the interface involved
    1. Settings-More Settings-Developer Options-Device Unlock Status
    2. Settings-More Settings-Accessibility-General
    3. Settings-More Settings-Accessibility-Body-Secondary text at the bottom
    4. Settings-Connect and Share-Print secondary text
    5. Settings-Connection and Sharing-Personal Hotspot
    6. Settings-Featured Features-MIUI Lab-Secondary Text
    7. Settings-My Device-All Parameters-Status Information-Top-Secondary Text
    8. Settings-Accessibility-Visual
    9. Settings-Password and Security-System Security-Secondary Text
    10. Scanning icon color of WLAN interface
  8. Added V11. Password unlock interface material (editor path—settings–dark mode, others–pattern password dots)


It is a portable software. Once downloaded, you don’t need to install the tool. It has no installer nor setup file. Simply grab the package, extract its content, and run the software. Some of its contents are not translated in English.

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MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI

MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI

MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI

MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI

MIUI Theme Editor v12 with English UI

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Grab it from the link below:

How to use?

  1. Download the package above.
  2. Extract using either WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Run “MIUINewThemeEditor.exe” on Windows. Linux users need to execute ““.
  4. Enjoy designing MIUI Theme!